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It’s tough creating a brand. Notable and powerful companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, IBM, McDonals, GE, and now Facebook, Twitter, and the like, all have spent time and money creating their brands.

The most notable thing about a brand is customer service. You may have a wonderful product, but if you can’t sell it or service it with a smile, your company may not last long. Apple is constantly ranked #1 for customer service. As you may know, Comcast is usually at the bottom of that list – and how many people like dealing with Comcast?

While customer service is key, your logo is also a key part of your brand. It’s a quick symbol that people can relate to for that level of customer service you provide. It’s why so many knock-off manufacturers use the logos of brands we trust – we see it – we trust it, expecting that customer service and product. Creating a logo is a process in its own right. The best logos are the simplest forms of themselves. Easily to replicate – like if someone needed to draw it out for you. And have colors that are simple and familiar.

Most recently, Spotify changed its green ever so slightly. A simple logo, consisting of a green circle with 3 black bands, caused a stir from users and the web that their new green was too brash. Companies like Microsoft and Google have more robust logos using red, green, blue, and yellow. More simple logos from companies like Apple, Coke, IBM, McDonalds, Samsung, GE, and Facebook use only one single color. While there may be variations of the core logo, these logos are in their simplest – or near simplest – form.

Having a strong company based on great customer service and in return gaining customer loyalty is key, but a strong logo, simple in form is almost equally as important. Both things help to create a brand for your company that consumers can grow to love.

Posted on July 1, 2015 in The Current

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