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There are lots of phrases out there about working with family or working with friends. I’m sure some much cleaner then others. It’s true, though. Working in a co-venture, for, or managing a family or friend is often tough. You need to worry about feelings, fairness, compensation, and who knows what else.

I often find that, because of my immediate face-to-face network, that I do a lot of work for family and friends. It may range from redesigning a logo, to hardware recommendations. It’s often difficult to decide what to charge those people because I don’t have a set rate scale and perhaps am doing it ‘just as a friend’. The entrepreneur in me often considers the potential revenue that could come from just those small, but vast interactions.

One nice thing about the creative process, especially with computers, is that it’s nearly free. Thoughts are pretty much free. There’s no need to purchase anything to be creative. And at the end, it’s just how much you value your time for what you want to charge. I have often found that because of that, website and branding efforts for family and friends don’t bring me the any monetary reward or even a decent market rate.

In creating a brand for one of my clients, I did so for free as a non-profit charitable organization, at which I spend a great deal of my time. They recently received a quote for re-branding – standard design, color palettes, and guidelines at $4,500. In addition to that, received a quote for web design, not including development, at $3,150. $7,650 is actually pretty reasonable, but far from free.

Looking forward, I want to try creating a public facing tier of rates that is at a fair market value; however, also create a friends and family rates and bill them as customers at a discounted rate. This is something I think I need to research a little more…

Posted on June 18, 2015 in The Current

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