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Web Hosting – Your Very Own Private Server

Over the years, I have been through many web hosts – before the internet became a cloud. One universal truth is that shared web hosting is cheap, but rarely ever versatile. Shared hosting is cheap. A single server with many virtual accounts, sharing bandwidth and memory. It’s hardly the ideal situation for intermediate to hardcore…

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Finding Projects – Family and Friends

There are lots of phrases out there about working with family or working with friends. I’m sure some much cleaner then others. It’s true, though. Working in a co-venture, for, or managing a family or friend is often tough. You need to worry about feelings, fairness, compensation, and who knows what else. I often find…

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Recent changes in SEO – What to know

There has been a change of tide in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). No longer is a keyword crammed, meta data infested header necessary, but now pages built on content and structure – the core of the original HTML markup. Keyword cramming, listing as many related keywords as possible is gone. Google no longer…

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